What is the most difficult part of marketing?

Product innovation, when you create new things, is the hardest part of marketing because it succeeds or fails. Marketing used to be known as a lint department. Placing one or two ads, talking about “brand awareness” as something vague, putting logos on koozies, etc. to influence ideal customers' buying decision and buying process. Sales people and sales reps are at the top management and are responsible for driving tangible value and shaping organizations for customer experience.

There are many difficulties in marketing automation, but in general nothing insurmountable. But one of the most common difficulties is deciding what to say and how to convey your message to your target audience. That is, determining your message and choosing your media. The marketing department's success is based on knowledge, value, commitment and persistence.

Everything else is just a distraction. Research reveals that 56% of marketers think that tobacco is the most difficult industry to market. The government and public sector continue with 41% of the vote, while 39% say accounting and 36% say the law is the most challenging jobs. The financial services industry is also among the five most difficult sectors to market, as voted by 34% of marketers.

What is the most difficult thing about product marketing? Maintaining momentum can be extremely difficult since only certain types of people are programmed to do everything day in and day out, no matter what else is going on in their lives. In fact, many sales leaders have argued that constant follow-up to potential customers is the most difficult challenge inside sales, more difficult than prospecting, rejection, or anything else.

Kathryn Dark
Kathryn Dark

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